The main configurations for cbm are stored in the config/main.json file

To easily set the RESTful API account use:

cbm.set_api_account('', 'YOUR_USERNAME', 'YOUR_PASSWORD')

The account credentials will be stored automatically in the config/main.json file

You can configure the main configuration file (config/main.json) with a text editor of your choice. e.g.:

python3 -c "import cbm"
nano config/main.json

The main json configuration file has different sectors to store the settings for cbm:

    "set": {}, // General configurations
    "paths": {}, // The data and temp path are configurable and can be changed globally
    "files": {}, // Location of files used it some functions
    "api": {}, // The RESTful API credentials
    "db": {}, // Database access information (only if direct access is available)
    "s3": {} // the object storage credentials (only if direct access is available)

Configuration widget

To configure the config/main.json file interactively, in the jupyterlab environment create a new notebook and run in a cell:

# Import ipycbm
from cbm import ipycbm

# Open the configuration widget

This will provide a widget with all configuration within a graphical interface