JRC RESTful service example requests have predefined logical query names that need to be configured with a set parameters. All requests return a response as a JSON formatted dictionary. The values in this dictionary are always lists, i.e. even if the query produced no (empty list) or only 1 value.

If the query is not valid, and empty dictionary will be returned ({}).

In this page, we keep a list of actual queries and provide some use examples.

The server of JRC RESTful example currently runs from a CloudFerro server. The root URL of the RESTful server is https://cap.users.creodias.eu/query/ The URL requires authentication with a username and password (which has been provided to users upon request).

Query parameters are either required or optional. The order of parameters is not significant.

Requests structure example

Current queries

  • Parcel information

    • parcelByLocation

    • parcelByID

  • Parcel signatures time series

    • parcelTimeSeries

    • weatherTimeSeries

  • Parcel sentinel images

    • chipByLocation

    • rawChipByLocation

    • rawChipByParcelID

  • Parcel orthophotos

    • backgroundByLocation

    • backgroundByParcelID

  • Parcels lists,

    • parcelPeers

    • parcelsByPolygon